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The First Coast Story

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Our Story

The First Coast Chapter of the Charmettes, Incorporated was installed at the 52nd National Convention in Memphis, Tennessee at the Hilton Hotel on Thursday, May 17, 2007 by our National President, Victoria Ellis of The Leon County Chapter.  There were eleven (11) original members, ten (10) of whom were present.  Those members were:  

  • Barbara Jackson, President

  • Ina F. Backman, Secretary

  • Jacqueline Bryant, Vice President 

  • Cerita J. Battles, Parliamentarian

  • Mildred Joyce Ramsey, Chaplain

  • Carolyn Boyd Smith, Sergeant-at-Arms

  • Lori Maxwell, Treasurer

  • Diane T. Chase, Financial Secretary

  • Endolyn Davis, Reporter

  • Joanava Jackson, Historian

  • Celina J. Turner, Business Manager


We were all members of the St. Johns-Putnam County Chapter; but because of growth, distance and the diversity of community activities, we saw the need to establish a chapter in the city of St. Augustine, Florida.  Rather than use “St. Johns County” again, First Coast was chosen as the chapter’s name to encompass not just this county, but the surrounding area along Florida’s First Coast.  The name has caused somewhat of a buzz for those not familiar with the term “First Coast”, so we have had to explain it.  Our name also implies what we plan to become – the FIRST, NUMBER ONE and the BEST!!!

We are a sisterhood of dedicated women committed to improving the quality of life within our communities through advocacy, education, service and support of and for cancer research.  Today, we have 21 members who are dedicated to our mission, active in chapter and our communities.  They are:


  • Cerita Battles – President

  • Barbara Jackson - Vice President

  • Jacqueline Bryant – Financial Secretary

  • Deidre Smith - Treasurer

  • Betty Nelson - Chaplain

  • Cassandra Johnson - Secretary

  • Ann Allen - Assistant Secretary

  • Mary Stroman - Parliamentarian

  • Linda Evans - Sergeant of Arms

  • Faye Jenkins - Historian

  • Marilyn Ellis - Reporter 

  • L’Ketchie Augustus

  • Belinda Sell

  • Carusha Nelson

  • Stephanie Miller

  • Loren Darden

  • Beverly Trotman

  • Twila Hudson

  • Thomisha Morgan

  • Shelise Evans

  • Gayle Phillips

Our future continues to be bright and we hope that you will contribute to the making of the rest of our history.  We started with a clean slate and have made significant impact in our community.  We need the insights, participation and energy of new members to continue our mission as well as build a long-term, sustainable organization and legacy within our community.

Let’s Work Together

P. O. Box 1105

St. Augustine, Florida  32085-1105

Tel: 904-206-8090

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